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Van Tiel Pyrotechnics was the name behind New Zealand’s largest pyrotechnic production the Auckland Millennium. From three barges through the Auckland Harbour, Sky Tower and other buildings in the CBD, two sites from the Auckland Domain Concert and a huge waterfall under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. This computer controlled musically choreographed display was the first of the new millennium and broadcast to 1 billion people. Two of the largest aerial star shells ever fired in New Zealand, 24” (600mm) in diameter and weighing 60kg were used in the finale and these were manufactured by Van Tiel Pyrotechnics.

With state of the art computer firing systems that we have developed, fireworks can be precisely controlled over large areas. With the opening of the Te Apiti Wind Farm, we provided a musically choreographed pyrotechnics display 3 kilometers long. Split into two, on either side of the mountain range, aerial shells bursts 400 meters high dwarf the new wind turbines at 70 meters


Our Sky Tower pyrotechnic productions at New Years Eve, 2000, 2002 - 2007, and 10th Birthday have choreographed sequences rotating around the tower in chase, cross, clockwise and other patterns along with bursts of comets over 300 meters across. We manufacture specialty pyrotechnic products for use on buildings and other sites.

SkyTower 10th Birthday   SkyTower 10th Birthday

We have the know-how, artistic flair and knowledge to create large complex pyrotechnic productions. Importantly also, the experience, technology and superb quality pyrotechnic products to create new visions in pyrotechnic entertainment.


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